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I am Kaido Järvemets

Taking your infrastructure security and management to a new level


Streamline updates across your hybrid-cloud with Azure Update Management.
Leverage the power of Azure Log Analytics for comprehensive data analysis.
Elevate your cloud security with our expert implementation on Defender for Cloud.
Empower your security operations with Microsoft Sentinel.
Drive efficiency in your cloud operations with our Azure Automation
Enhance your cybersecurity with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

About Me

About Me

AS A CYBERSECURITY SPECIALIST, I provide valuable assistance to customers looking to leverage the power of the Microsoft Hybrid Cloud.

With over 15 years of experience in IT, cybersecurity, network, and training, I honed my craft diligently as a seasoned Infrastructure Security Specialist. I specialize in Microsoft technologies and solutions, understanding the company’s various offerings.

Not only do I work as a consultant, but I also understand design, architecture, and infrastructure. I build custom tools and presentations, and even organize specialized communities across the globe.

I have expertise in a range of cyber security technologies, including Entra ID, Defender for Endpoint, Microsoft Sentinel, Azure Automation, Azure Arc, Defender for Identity, and Log Analytics, reinforcing my role as a reliable Cybersecurity Specialist.

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