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I am Kaido Järvemets


With over 15 years of experience in IT, cybersecurity, network, and training, I honed my craft diligently. I specialize in Microsoft technologies and solutions, understanding the company’s various offerings. Not only do I work as a consultant, but I also understand design, architecture, and infrastructure. I build custom tools and presentations, and even organize specialized communities across the globe.

Not Just Work

To me, my work as a Microsoft Hybrid-Cloud Security Expert isn’t just a job, but a passion. I enjoy filling the company’s strategic needs, providing them with what they need for the long term. To do that, I identify any shortcomings appearing in operations and security. The success of any company can happen with standardized processes that have monitorable results.

I have worked with numerous IT teams for companies of all sizes. Changes don’t have to be drastic, but a company can reach its goals with a steady movement in the right direction. As a part of my work, I simplify the process and make each change meaningful. It’s all about adopting modern solutions that replace archaic ones and make the workplace easier for everyone involved.

When I’m not learning, I am working and growing with a community of like-minded individuals. I have built a strong network of people I can trust and learned from many of the best in the field. It’s possible to improve and fix mistakes before they become a problem.

My Journey

Early Years

I earned my bachelor’s degree from Tallinn University, completing a Business and Public Management major. Since my youth, I’ve been highly active in the technology sphere, organizing events in my area. I’ve also participated in and founded many online events.

These include the IT communities:
User Group Estonia and System Center User Group Estonia.

It was shortly after this time that I began specializing in Microsoft technologies, and began getting certifications, including Azure Security Engineer and a CompTIA Security+ Certification. I steadily built my capabilities and knowledge through reading books, attending seminars, and speaking on my own.

The MVP Program

In 2010, I became a Configuration Manager MVP for Microsoft. The category changed over time, as I also became Enterprise Mobility MVP and Enterprise Client Management MVP. Today, I am a Microsoft MVP, regarded as a premier expert in the field.

The Microsoft MVP program is for community leaders who contribute to and support the development of IT communities. Having that title means they are an expert in the field and contribute to the success of Microsoft. Not only do they have a deep understanding of specific technologies, but they can also create tools and scripts to support them.

Today, I am an MVP in both Azure Hybrid and Security. I am also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, traveling across Europe for the past 12 years. I’ve held and spoken at many US events, and also served as a speaker for the Microsoft Management Summit and the Midwest Management Summit.

Microsoft Specializations

During my career, I focused on Microsoft technologies, deeply specializing in the field. I am one of the few people with the knowledge encompassing a decade of development. I am the go-to consultant for companies for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 solutions. Some of the programs I’ve worked on for Microsoft 365 include:

MIcrosoft Azure

Microsoft Defender products and services (Cloud Apps, Identity, Endpoint, etc)

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft 365 Services

I also work on Microsoft hybrid cloud solutions. Some of the specifics from this field I specialize in include:

Microsoft Sentinel SIEM and SOAR

Azure Log Analytics

Azure Arc services

Azure Automation services

Recent Endeavors

I am currently continuing my education at Tartu University, completing a master’s degree in Strategic Management.


I have my own company which has been operating since 2018. The goal of the company is to provide modern solutions for workplaces and hybrid-cloud. These include hybrid cloud management, seminar events, and other innovative solutions. They specialize in data security and improving the user experience.

Why I Started Blogging Again

Blogging allows me to share insight into the knowledge and experience I accrued over many years. By starting this blog, we can have a way to communicate, find like-minded people, or enjoy the industry we love the most. Now that I have more time for this blog, it can be a way to reach out to communities that were previously out of reach.

I want to give people opportunities to grow and make it accessible. That’s why the blog’s focus is creating valuable content that leverages my specialization. Imagine getting training from a certified specialist or getting ebooks you can always reference while you work.

My blog is a platform to share any tools and scripts I’ve created. People can access them and use them in their respective projects. I want everyone to grow in this community and continue improving. Knowing that someone benefits from what I’ve shared here brings me joy.

Moving Forward

Aside from continuing my consultancy work, I hope this blog will be a project that can stay relevant for a long time. A personal view of the field can provide you with an outsider’s insight, or an insider’s, depending on your current position. Keep checking to see if I have any new blog posts and products to share.

I aim to update this blog consistently and listen to what my readers wish for me to discuss. Here’s to us moving forward together.