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Tracking Windows LAPS Activity with Sentinel through Event ID 4662

My Exclusive PDF Guide on Tracking Windows LAPS Password Read Activity with Sentinel

I’ve compiled a comprehensive PDF guide on “Tracking Windows LAPS Activity with Sentinel through Event ID 4662” – 15 pages of content.

What’s Inside the PDF?

  • Introduction: Setting the stage for our deep dive into Windows LAPS and its integration with Microsoft Sentinel.

  • The Importance of Tracking LAPS Activity: Understand why vigilance in monitoring LAPS is not just beneficial but essential.

  • Demystifying Event ID 4662: A thorough exploration of Event ID 4662 and its significance in LAPS.

  • Preparation and Configuration: Step-by-step guides on:

    • Setting the stage for effective monitoring.
    • Configuring audit settings in Active Directory.
    • Enabling Object Auditing in AD.
    • And more!
  • Hands-on with Sentinel: Detailed walkthroughs on:

    • Setting up Sentinel for optimal monitoring of Event ID 4662.
    • Crafting precise KQL Queries for event analysis.
    • Creating custom analytics rules in Sentinel.
    • Navigating the Incident View for insights.
  • Practical Exercises:

    • Testing the reading of LAPS Password from Active Directory.
    • Finding the right AD attribute based on GUID.
    • And more!

This guide is designed to be a valuable resource for both beginners looking to get started with Windows LAPS and Sentinel, as well as seasoned professionals seeking advanced insights.

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