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Azure Arc-enabled Servers Workbook


Azure Arc is a powerful solution that brings Azure services and management capabilities to any infrastructure. It allows you to manage your on-premises, multi-cloud, and edge deployments in a unified manner. One of the key components of Azure Arc is the Azure Arc-enabled servers, which provide a seamless hybrid cloud experience. To further enhance the capabilities of Azure Arc-enabled servers, a free workbook has been released that provides visual insights into your Azure Arc-enabled servers.

Azure Arc-Enabled Servers Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide

The Azure Arc-Enabled Servers Workbook is a free tool that provides visual insights into your Azure Arc-enabled servers. It includes several dashboards that offer valuable information about your environment.

These dashboards cover a wide range of aspects, including:

  • Main Dashboard: Displays connected, disconnected, and expired servers, agent versions, operating systems, agent types, and agent connection statuses.
  • Extensions Dashboard: Shows extensions per server, all deployed extensions, deployed extension versions, and failed extensions.
  • Guest Configuration Services: Provides the status of services on each server.
  • Recommendations: Offers insights into servers with old agents, servers that have been offline, expired connections, and disconnected servers.


PS! The Workbook uses Azure Resource Graph.

How to Install the Azure Arc-Enabled Servers Workbook

The Azure Arc-Enabled Servers Workbook is available for download from GitHub. To install the workbook, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Workbook.
  2. Open the Microsoft Azure Portal (portal.azure.com).
  3. Search for Microsoft Sentinel.
  4. Click ‘Workbooks’.
  5. Click ‘+Add Workbook’.
  6. Click ‘Edit’.
  7. Select ‘</>‘ and paste the content.
  8. Click ‘Save’ and ‘Done Editing’.

If you are not using Microsoft Sentinel, you can install the Workbook through Azure Log Analytics Workspace.

Download (Free and Premium Members)


The Azure Arc-Enabled Servers Workbook is a valuable for anyone using Azure Arc-enabled servers. It provides a comprehensive overview of your environment, helping you manage and monitor your servers

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