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First Chapter of My Hybrid-Cloud Management eBook


In line with my upcoming one-day training on Azure Arc for Servers in January 2024, I’ve started compiling a comprehensive eBook on Microsoft Hybrid-Cloud Management solutions. To give you a preview of what’s to come and to complement the training, I’ve decided to release the final chapter of the eBook first. This chapter delves into advanced solutions, providing a clear perspective on the depth and breadth of topics that we will cover, ranging from fundamental principles to more complex strategies in hybrid-cloud management.

Introducing the Advanced Solutions Chapter

The chapter I’m releasing is the climax of the eBook, titled “Hybrid-Cloud Management: Azure Arc Onboarding Automation“. This segment is tailored for those who are already well-versed in cloud technologies and are looking to leverage advanced strategies for hybrid-cloud management.

In this chapter, you’ll discover:

  • In-Depth Azure Arc Automation: A detailed exploration of automating server onboarding notifications using Azure Logic Apps and Azure Arc.
  • Custom Notification Templates: A guide to designing Adaptive Cards for Microsoft Teams, enhancing the communication of onboarding events.
  • Real-World Testing Scenarios: Insights on testing the automation with a test server to ensure seamless integration into your environment.

Why Start from the End?

By starting with the most advanced content, I aim to offer immediate value to seasoned cloud professionals while building anticipation for the upcoming chapters that will cover the entire spectrum of hybrid-cloud management.

Exclusive Early Access

As a token of my appreciation for your support and enthusiasm, this chapter is being released exclusively on my website. Dive in, explore these advanced techniques, and gain a head start in mastering hybrid-cloud management.

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Your Feedback Matters

After diving into the chapter, I would love to hear your thoughts. Your feedback is invaluable and will shape the content of the upcoming chapters, ensuring they meet your learning needs and expectations.

What’s Next?

Following this release, stay tuned for the rest of the eBook. We’ll journey together from the basics to the intermediate topics, gradually building up to the advanced strategies introduced in this chapter.

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