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Unlock the Full Potential of Your Career with Our 2024 Hybrid-Cloud Training Pass

Invest in your future with our exclusive Hybrid-Cloud Training Pass, designed to guide IT professionals through a comprehensive series of one-day trainings in key areas of cloud computing and cybersecurity. This Training Pass not only offers access to all our specialized training sessions scheduled for 2024 but also provides substantial savings compared to booking each session individually.

Training Pass Benefits

  • Access to All Five Training Sessions
  • Total Cost: €1500
  • Savings: Save €750 compared to attending all sessions separately (total individual cost €2250). Read more from here.

Why Join Our Training?

Our online sessions are not merely courses; they are a strategic investment in mastering technologies that shape the future. We specialize in Azure Update Manager, Defender for Servers, Azure Arc, and Defender for Identity, providing unmatched insights for practical success.

Upcoming Sessions

  • One-Day Training on Azure Arc for Servers Implementation
    • Date: September 4, 2024
    • Explore comprehensive management of servers across environments using Azure Arc, extending Azure’s capabilities wherever you need them.
  • One-Day Training on Implementing Defender for Identity
    • Date: October 3, 2024
    • Protect your systems against identity-based threats and enhance organizational security with advanced identity protection tools.
  • One-Day Training on Azure Administrative Model
    • Date: October 24, 2024
    • Secure Your Entra Tenant and sleep better.
  • One-Day Training on Implementing Defender for Servers
    • Date: November 14, 2024
    • Ensure robust server protection with Defender for Servers, focusing on deployment strategies and threat mitigation.
  • One-Day Training on Mastering Azure Update Manager
    • Date: December 10, 2024
    • Keep your systems secure and efficient with expert guidance on managing updates for Azure and hybrid environments.

Why Choose Our Classes?

Our classes go beyond traditional lectures, featuring interactive elements and practical applications, all led by an industry expert with years of frontline experience. These sessions are not just learning opportunities; they are stepping stones to peak professional achievement.

Reserve Your Spot Now

The future waits for no one. With limited spaces available, securing your spot in our training sessions is not just a learning opportunity—it’s a commitment to becoming a leader in your field.

Don’t miss out on this comprehensive learning experience. Join us and elevate your capabilities, your career, and your future in cloud and security technologies.

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