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Quick Start Guide: Creating an Empty Logic App with PowerShell


Jump straight into action and set up a new, empty Logic App in Azure with these simple PowerShell commands. This basic setup prepares a canvas for you to design your Logic App’s workflow as needed.

Step 1: Define Your Logic App’s Parameters

Open your PowerShell interface and start by defining the basic parameters for your Logic App – its name, the Azure resource group it will belong to, and the region where it will be hosted.

					$ResourceGroupName = "<YourResourceGroupName>"
$Location = "<YourAzureRegion>"
$LogicAppName = "<YourLogicAppName>"


Step 2: Prepare a Minimal Logic App Definition

For an empty Logic App, we’ll use a minimal JSON definition that sets up a basic structure without any actual logic:

					$Definition = '{
    "$schema": "https://schema.management.azure.com/providers/Microsoft.Logic/schemas/2016-06-01/workflowdefinition.json#",
    "actions": {},
    "contentVersion": "",
    "outputs": {},
    "parameters": {},
    "triggers": {}


Step 3: Create the Logic App

Now, with the parameters and definition prepared, execute the following command to create your empty Logic App:

					$Params = @{
    ResourceGroupName = $ResourceGroupName
    Location = $Location
    Name = $LogicAppName
    Definition = $Definition
New-AzLogicApp @params


You’ve successfully created an empty Logic App in Azure. This Logic App serves as a blank slate, ready for you to define its workflows and integrations as needed.

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