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Monitoring Apple MDM Push Certificates with Microsoft Sentinel


In managing enterprise mobile ecosystems through Microsoft Intune, ensuring the validity of your Apple Push Notification service (APNs) certificates is crucial for maintaining uninterrupted management and notification services. This blog post details how to automate the monitoring of APNs certificate expiration and alert management using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Sentinel. This is critical to avoid the significant operational disruption and necessity to re-enroll all managed devices that can occur if these certificates expire without renewal.

Apple MDM Certificate Expired Microsoft Sentinel


The Solution

Before diving into the automation script, ensure you meet the following prerequisites in your Azure environment:

  • Azure Automation Account
    • You must have at least one Azure Automation account set up.
  • System-Assigned Managed Identity
    • Enable a system-assigned managed identity on your Azure Automation account. This identity will interact with other Azure services on behalf of your scripts.
  • Microsoft Graph Permissions
  • Microsoft Sentinel Workspace Configuration
    • Fill out the necessary workspace details such as the resource group name and workspace name for Microsoft Sentinel.
  • Microsoft Graph PowerShell Module

Once these prerequisites are configured, the below PowerShell script can be implemented. It checks the APNs certificate’s expiration status and automatically creates an alert in Microsoft Sentinel if the certificate is near expiration or has already expired. To facilitate this, ensure your system-assigned identity also has Sentinel Responder permissions configured, allowing it to create incidents within Microsoft Sentinel.

Here’s the script designed to monitor the certificate status and manage alerts:

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Automating the monitoring of Apple MDM Push certificates with Azure and Sentinel helps prevent disruptions by ensuring certificates are renewed before they expire. This setup reduces manual monitoring, allowing teams to focus on higher-priority tasks and maintain seamless device management. Effective use of these tools ensures your infrastructure remains secure and compliant, safeguarding your operational capabilities.

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