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New Horizons: Introducing Yearly Premium and Business Premium Packages

I’m happy to let you know about the expansion of my membership offerings! I now have two new robust packages designed to cater to individual and organizational needs: Yearly Premium and Business Premium.

Yearly Premium is your opportunity to commit to a year of impactful growth. Designed for those who are serious about personal or professional development, this package bundles a year’s worth of our resources into one transformative experience.

For businesses seeking a more tailored approach, my Business Premium is the perfect match. It’s an all-access pass for companies to foster their teams’ growth with our bespoke services, aimed at enhancing your corporate environment.

I’m also introducing an exclusive service for those who need targeted, strategic assistance: Azure Security Advisory. With this premium option, you gain access to all our content plus 8 hours of consultation each month. Priced at €1000 monthly, it’s a direct line to hire me for in-depth planning and audits, developing customized roadmaps, accessing external expertise, and averting common pitfalls. Whether it’s implementation guidance or strategy formulation, this package is designed to align closely with your strategic level goals and support you throughout the execution phase.

These new packages reflect my commitment to your success. Designed to offer comprehensive support and insights, they are geared to drive your progress forward.

For a detailed look at what each package can bring to your journey, I invite you to visit our membership section.

Here’s to making this year exceptional, together.

Best Regards,

Kaido Järvemets

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